Southlake Electric Rates

Multiple Texas Energy Providers to Choose From

In Southlake Texas you have over 30 different Texas electric companies that sell retail electric service but not all of these companies are honest about the gimmicks and tricks in the finer details of their contracts. We have gone through multiple electric bills and contracts with people who have called us asking us to help them find a better electric company that will not surprise them with a higher electricity rate than they thought they had agreed to.

Tricks, Gimmicks and Electricity Service Price Surprises

For instance, one Southlake Texas residential electric service customer called us to complain that they had a fuel surcharge on their bill that raised their price an additional 4 cents per kWh. We had them fax their residential electricity bill over to us and we confirmed that there was a fuel surcharge that allowed them to increase their fixed price electric rate whenever they wanted to. We do not work with electric companies in Southlake that have these tricks in their contracts.

Comparison of the Cheapest Southlake Texas Electricity Offers

We have put together a detailed Southlake Texas electricity rate comparison chart that shows the cheapest electric providers in the Southlake area without hidden fees. All fees and charges are disclosed on the electric rate chart and you can sign up with confidence that you are getting into a rate that is accurate without additional surprises on your bill later.

Compare Southlake Texas Electricity Rates

What Fixed Rate Term is Best for My Electric Service?

We recommend if you will be staying in your home in Southlake for a year or longer to pick a fixed electric rate. You could go with a variable electricity rate with many of the providers in our comparison chart for cheaper than what a fixed rate sells for but the rate could change after the first month. By nature a variable electricity price will change but a fixed price is locked in for the yearly term you choose. You can choose a 1 year, 2 year, or 3 year electric rate depending on what your situation is. For the risk averse a 3 year fixed electric rate for a Southlake Texas home is what they want. A 3 year rate insures the Southlake electricity price will remain the same for 3 solid years. The negative to signing up for longer term prices is that the provider will usually require that you have excellent credit or they will want a deposit and the rate is usually higher than if you chose a 1 year fixed rate.

The Most Popular Fixed electricity Rate Term

The most popular fixed Southlake Texas electric rate for 2009 has been the 1 year fixed rate. The electricity rates in our comparison chart are a few cents cheaper than some of the larger electric companies in Texas like TXU Energy and Reliant Energy. Both TXU and Reliant are good solid stable electric providers but they do not have the cheapest electricity rates in Southlake which is why we recommend checking out reputable electricity companies who offer the cheapest available energy rates using our comparison chart.

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